“I’m proud to call Round Rock my home and proud to help lead our city during this critical time in its history. Round Rock’s extraordinary growth continues to present new challenges and exciting new opportunities for our city. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we continue to have experienced leaders who are focused on keeping our community safe, spending our tax dollars responsibly, investing in infrastructure for the future, and creating an inclusive environment where every Round Rock citizen feels empowered to contribute to, and benefit from, our success.”

Backing the Blue and Supporting Our First Responders

Our police and firefighters work hard to keep our community safe, and they must have the tools to do their jobs. Michelle will always back the blue and support our first responders. There’s no greater priority than protecting the citizens of Round Rock. In addition to supporting Round Rock police and first responders, Michelle helped develop the Crisis Response Unit (CRU) to assist families and individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

Keeping Property Taxes Low and Exercising Fiscal Responsibility

In her first term, Michelle kept her promise to the Round Rock taxpayers by maintaining one of the lowest property tax rates in Central Texas and one of the lowest rates in Texas among cities of comparable size. As a local taxpayer and small business owner, Michelle will fight to ensure that every tax dollar works to the benefit of Round Rock citizens.

Planning for Future Growth

Michelle understands the importance of planning for future growth, and she’s committed to a long-term strategic plan that focuses on securing future water needs and maintaining our roads and public utilities.

Improving Traffic Mobility

Round Rock is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s vital that our city leaders develop a long-term traffic mobility plan. On the city council, Michelle has made traffic mobility a priority and has focused on maintaining our current roads, prioritizing city spending to widen and improve roads, and evaluating the public transit master plan.

Creating Jobs and Growing the Local Economy

To keep our local economy strong, Michelle is committed to working with local businesses and non-profits to attract new jobs and opportunities to Round Rock. She also works with community leaders to understand the ever-changing needs of our growing city and economy.